Paul Williams Obituary

23 July 1946 – 29th March 2023

Paul Williams sadly passed away in March 2023. At SGC he took his A Levels in French and Spanish, which he followed up with a degree in these subjects at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge. In athletics he was a distinguished middle-distance runner, winning the quarter-mile, half-mile and mile at the school sports. He was also one of the team who ran in an eight-man relay from London to Brighton just after the end of the 1962 summer term.

Paul was a lover of France, and Spain, having homes in both countries at various times, and of Brazil, becoming fluent in Portuguese as well as a native Brazilian language during his time spent there. At one time he considered applying for the job of first lay headmaster of SGC, but instead took up the offer of teacher of Spanish and housemaster at Winchester College.

There, on account of his erudition, and the fact that he had obtained his Ph.D. in Brazilian native languages, he soon became known to everyone as “Doc Bill”. His wife Rosie who also taught at Winchester in turn became known as “Mrs Doc Bill”. They were well liked by both other staff and their pupils – among the latter being Rishi Sunak who gave one of the readings at Paul’s well-attended memorial service in Winchester Cathedral in May.

Paul and Rosie had three children, Patrick, Melissa and Edmund.

Words by Andrew Ennis (OG ’63)