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The Gift of a St George’s Weybridge Bursary

“A gift that offers the opportunity for a child to flourish.”

By donating towards a transformational bursary award you will be giving an incredible gift to bright children who otherwise would have missed out on the opportunity to be part of our wonderful inclusive school, or help an existing family who need support.


Sadly many talented children have to miss out due to various different circumstances. A donation to the St George’s Bursary Fund is your opportunity to give the gift of a formative St George’s education to bright children who we believe have the potential to flourish here.

We currently fund 43 part or fully-funded Awards but we would like to offer more. To fully fund a Bursary Award from age 11 through to completion of the Sixth Form costs around £130,000. By supporting education in this way; you can help give talented children a Georgian education that will shape their entire lives.


With your support we can offer financial assistance to families through a St George’s Bursary.


Your donation will help fund the educational environment at St George’s; providing new buildings for learning or the modernisation of existing facilities and the grounds we all enjoy.


By supporting our Special Projects you are helping to broaden horizons and helping to enrich our curriculum through spiritual and educational projects.