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Kilmorey: 15 donations
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Southcote: 21 donations
Stirling: 20 donations
Woburn: 11 donations
Eagles: 27 donations
Hawks: 18 donations
Kestrels: 26 donations
Owls: 24 donations

Why Give?

We would all like to create a future where admission to St George’s is based on a child’s ability to thrive here, and not on financial means. This would mark a transformational shift in St George’s commitment to our community – one that truly reflects the values that are at the heart of St George’s.

It’s a goal that will of course take many years to realise. Our initial aim is to support 20 new Transformational Bursaries, this is in addition to the 38 Transformational Bursary places we currently provide. To do so, we need to raise £3 million by 2025. Over the past 12 months, owing to the generosity of the Georgian Family we have already raised enough funds for 5 of these new transformational places. However, in order to realise our long term vision, we need the support of every member of our Georgian Family.

Cydney Prior, Bursary recipient
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Cydney Prior, Bursary recipient
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St George’s House Challenge

In the lead up to Founder’s Day the students at the College will be taking part in an exciting House Challenge to create a sculpture that represents the Josephite values with the theme of sustainability, recycling and protecting our environment.

Each House has chosen a product to use to create a sculpture as follows:

Kilmorey Icon: Kilmorey
King Icon: King
Petre Icon: Petre
Southcote Icon: Southcote
Stirling Icon: Stirling
Woburn Icon: Woburn

The House families will be involved in coming up with the plan for the collection of their product and how they involve each age group in the construction.

Each House’s sculpture will need to be finished by end of play on Tuesday 30th November and will be kept a secret until the ‘the big reveal’ as part of the Founder’s Day celebrations on the 1st December.

St George’s Junior School

Children at the Junior School will be learning about our Founder Constant van Crombrugghe, the Josephites and the history of St George’s in order to gain a further understanding of why Founder’s Day is so important to the Georgian Family.

As part of the celebrations the children will attend a special party for Constant van Combrugghe that will include celebratory lunch and a fun activity in the afternoon. Children will be encouraged to wear a ‘party outfit’ for the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Founder’s Day Challenge for?

Every year, on 1 December, St George’s Weybridge celebrates its Founder’s Day, with 100% of all donations going towards our Bursary Fund. This year, we have a lot planned and hope to raise further awareness of our Bursary Fund and generate funds so we can offer a Georgian education to any student who wants to come to St George’s, regardless of their financial situation.

2. What is happening on Founder’s Day?

On Founder’s Day the students across St George’s Weybridge will take part in a special Mass to mark the day. At the College, students representing each House will present their Sculpture which has been created in secret over the last month. Each sculpture will represent the Josephite values and be made from recycled materials. The winners of the challenge will be announced in a special assembly on 1st December. At the Junior School, students will be celebrating the day with a special party for Constant van Combrugghe having learnt about our Founder in lessons over the course of the past few weeks.

3. What are transformational bursaries?

A transformational bursary provides full support for a child throughout their time at the school and is specifically for those families with extremely limited means. At St George’s a transformational bursary represents 80% + of fees covered by the School. Currently, we have 47 bursary recipients at St George’s, 38 of which are transformational bursary places.

4. How do bursaries and scholarships differ?

A bursary is different to a scholarship and/or any other fee reduction. Bursaries are means-tested grants which provide a complete or partial reduction in school fees for children from families with limited means. The overriding criteria for receiving a bursary is the financial circumstances of the family (which are assessed closely for each application). Scholarships provide a capped reduction on fees awarded to recognise talent, accomplishment and potential across a range of different areas including academic, sport, performing and creative arts. Scholarships are not means tested.

5. Where does my donation go?

Your gift goes directly to the Bursary Fund, which will help us provide life-changing opportunities for children who would not otherwise be able to attend the school.

6. What is Enthuse?

Enthuse.com is a online fundraising tool specifically designed for charities. St George’s Weybridge have partnered with Enthuse.com to provide all of our online giving platforms.

7. What are my options if I don't want to give online?

You can contact us at development@stgeorgesweybridge.com or call 01932 839352 we’ll be delighted to help you make your gift.

8. Can Gift Aid be claimed on my donation?

Yes! If you are a UK tax-payer, please remember to include a Gift Aid declaration as this will increase the value of your donation by 25% (25p for every £1 or £250 for every £1,000) as we can reclaim this amount from HMRC.

For US donors – St George’s Weybridge is an approved institution of the British Schools & Universities Foundation, Inc in the USA. Please contact a member of the Development Team for further information. https://www.bsuf.org/

Kilmorey Kilmorey

Lord Kilmorey leased the property from Lady King in 1862. He was a great builder and very eccentric. He made some very noticeable changes to the property including changing the entrance to the mansion to the other side of the building, built the lodge at the end of the old drive, the Kilmorey Gates now in the President's Garden and a now demolished chapel on the top fields.

King King

The Dowager Lady King Dowager Lady King, bought Woburn in 1834. Her sons, descendants of the Locke-King family, built Brooklands race track.

Petre Petre

Robert, Edward 9th Baron Petre was left the estate by Philip Southcote's widow in 1783 who had remained at Woburn Park and maintained the large garden and ornamental farm. The property returned to the family in 1887 and Monsignor Lord William Petre established a boarding school for Catholic gentry. He founded the Emeriti cricket club for Catholic schools, built the Red House and the famous oddly shaped swimming pool. The school was forced to close in 1884 and was purchased by the Josephites.

Southcote Southcote

The White House and the Southcote Arch, which you see as you drive into the College date from the time of Philip Southcote who owned the house from 1734. The Woburn property included not just the College grounds but also the land on the other side of the hill and was famous for as the first 'ferme ornee' and set a fashion which lasted until Capability Brown later in the century.

Stirling Stirling

The son of Admiral Sir Walter Stirling, Charles Sterling was born into a family with a long and proud naval tradition. Stirling joined the Royal Navy and in 1810, he was promoted to Vice Admiral, and given the Freedom of the City of London. Charles Stirling bought the estate from Petre's grandson in 1814.

Woburn Woburn

The earliest occupant of the estate was Adam de Woburn who lived there in AD 1260. His son William paid the abbey twenty shillings a year in rent and also had to provide "a horse fit for carrying a monk, as often needed". Woburn, meaning 'crooked stream', is referenced to The Bourne which forms the northern boundary of the site.

Eagles Eagles

Eagles aim for excellence, but are gracious in defeat

Hawks Hawks

Hawks are heroes

Kestrels Kestrels

Kestrels Soar To Success

Owls Owls

Only wise and loving