Introducing Régine Betts

Mrs Régine Betts (nee Miss Ménard)

Current location: France Versaille

Teaching staff: French teacher, 1995 – 1998

Current job title & company: I now work as an English Tutor from home

What inspired you to pursue this career?
I have wanted to continue my passion for teaching

What do you do when you aren’t (working, volunteering)? My passions are swimming (700m every week), cycling, travelling (which is unfortunately on hold at the moment), I enjoy cooking and photography. In addition, I have also learnt to dance rock n’roll, salsa and west coast swing.

What is your proudest accomplishment? One of the high point of my life is the non-programmed birth of my daughter Célestine (now 13) within 2 hours at home in 2007. I also have a son 20 called Clément who is continuing his Business Studies in Slovenia

Fondest memory from SGW: I remember organizing a day trip with my pupils to Boulogne-sur-Mer and I also remember taking the Lower Sixth and the Upper Sixth twice on French trips to the South of France with Peter McLaughlin, the Deputy Head of the time.

I remember volunteering to take pupils to visit retirement homes around Weybridge. I am still in touch with the following teachers of the time: Dick Von Reibnitz (History), Charles Knights (Head of Music Department), Jeremy Axten (Computing) and Paul Millican (Chemistry) and Louise Lever, still presently a French teacher at SGW.

What might someone be surprised to know about you? Working at St George’s College was my first ever job and I was lucky enough to purchase my first card with my first pay check, a Ford Fiesta Sport. St George’s Weybridge marked my life and gave me the ability to move forward and I am extremely grateful for the opportunities which the College gave me.

At the time I was provided with cheap accommodation in one of the bungalows on the ground. I had a British boyfriend who then became my husband 2 months after I left SGW. I then moved for a year to Toulouse where my new husband was detached from the DERA in Farnborough. I have now been living in Versailles for 20 years. The garden of the Château is my garden.

I taught English in primary schools for 7 years and did other things. I am now an English tutor at home.

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