Brian O’Gorman reports

Though we have not been able to play at the College this Season we have managed two of our usual away matches. These well-established matches are a special part of our programme combining good play and friendship on a different venue; Follies Farm at Chiddingfold and Holmbury St Mary. They present a varied perspective and continuity. Follies Farm is located in the beautiful countryside, upon arrival we were greeted by a dampish pitch and lush outfield. However, the team pulled together to secure a satisfactory win.

Two weeks later at Holmbury we scored well and all rejoiced in the September warmth and sunshine. The team went home happy for the winter and we look forward to season 2021 when we hope full operations will be resumed, including the Cricketer Trophy. In these two matches fielded 19 different players – indicating how all enjoy participating with their friends in our varied programme.

It has been my good fortune, over the years, to receive many expressions of appreciation and, indeed, special presents, including, in 2001 a volume of Cricket Writings by well-known authors, who strike a reminiscent note of Cricket’s many facets. This has been some of my recent reading and it is good to recall the many donors, some of whom signed this book. All played a significant part in OG Cricket and it is appropriate to recall their names, integral to the fibre of our purpose and matches;

Michael and Stephanie Henderson, Richard Hirst, Andrew Wood, Tim Frost, Philip Somerville, Michael Brouder, Matt Cussans, Alex Watts, Peter Segal, Andrew Robson, Jonny Stephens, Tim Clark, Paul Burgess, Tony Jansen and Philip Jansen. This list is central to OG Sport and its development over the years.

Our enthusiastic supporters this year included; Ben O’Connor, Miriam Geraghty, Pat O’Hara, Tom Stubbs, Steve and Pippa Fleming, Paul Rivers, Paul Robigo, Mr and Mrs Jeff Hardman, Fr Robert Hamilton and Frank O’Gorman we thank them. We must also make note of the managers Marc Ng and Nick Bissessar – for whole hearted contribution and presence. And, naturally to Mike Price for indefatigable efforts in team raising.

These contributions continue to enrich our activities and we are all the better for them – in play and its celebration.

A special thank you is due, once more for continuing sponsorship, to Mike Gooley (partner in still the highest stand for SGC 1st X1: 202 * in 1953) and Trailfinders. To Paul Stubbs as scorer (and fully accredited ACO scorer in top matches).

Let us await the 2021 Season with more than usual anticipation.

Brian O’Gorman (Hon Sec Old Georgian Cricket)

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