Welcome to our Georgian Family

To inspire all in our Josephite, Georgian Family to be the best versions of themselves.

Like all families, we are so much stronger when we come together. Georgians in the UK and around the world have supported the school by attending reunions and events where friends are made or re-discovered. They have provided careers opportunities, advice, volunteered and have generously helped to fund Bursaries and inspiring buildings such as the Activity Centre.

Thank you Georgians


Georgian Family

“Our aim is to build and maintain lifelong links between all those in the Georgian Family to inspire them to be the very best versions of themselves”


Making a difference

“GROW gives the opportunity to play a role in the future of St George’s ensuring that it continues to offer a perfectly balanced education to all students; helping them to be the best version of themselves”

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In these hard and unpredictable times, we hope that the Georgian community will remain in contact with one another and keep up the Georgian spirit. We wish you all good health and we are always here if you need us.

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Staying in contact with all our community is really important to keep you up-to-date with life at St George's – to do so, we need your consent so please click this link to opt in.